Monday, April 20, 2009

Visit with a Friend

This past Wednesday, we got together with Friends; namely a friend from the orphanage.
Lilly and Kofi were good friends back in Ghana. It was only appropriate that their adoptions were done almost hand in hand. Lilly made it home two days before Kofi.
Since being home they have had a few chances to talk on the phone in Fante. Boy, is that a kick to see! Kofi has the phone in hand while running around, laughing, and talking at the top of his voice as fast as he can. He was so happy to talk with her!
They haven't had a chance to see each other until just the other day.
At first, they both seemed very shy and did not even want to talk with each other
(despite their mothers' encouragment).
But by the end of the visit they were running around playing and happy.
It was fun!!!