Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brotherly Love (Ghana)

Sufi and Kofi playing one afternoon, after school at the orphanage. Usually Kofi played or worked with the other boys after school, and the girls took Sufi. But there were those rare moments where the two brothers played together. It warms a mamma's heart!
Here is the fun in action.
("And then there he is" refers to a cute little boy who vied for my attention anytime Samuel was out of my arms.)
Although, the brothers did not spend most of the day together, they did at night (at least for a couple of weeks). This is the bed the three of us would share on those hot hot nights. Let's just say Mamma got little sleep between the added heat and kicking by both boys.
But again, there were those moments that touched Mamma's heart.
They were both sound asleep when I walked into the room and saw this.