Friday, September 4, 2009

Peep...Peep...from the Silence

Amazing how time flies.
Already it is September.
So much has changed.
So much is the same.
We are moved in,
but still living from boxes.

Pabbi LOVES his new job. He is already promoted and secure. Everyone loves him!
He has recovered from an unexpected knee surgery and is busy.

Mamma stays busy cleaning, unpacking, and lots and LOTS of One on One with the boys.
It is vital for attachment and security.

Kofi has decided after weeks and weeks and weeks of contemplation (and lists and lists)
to change his name.
His has longed to change his name for quite sometime -
his only worry was that changing his name he would forget Ghana. After explaining that remembering Ghana was not based on his name he was so relieved -
he could do what he desired

Sufi is growing in leaps and bounds.
He finally made the "Zero" percentile of his age group in weight!
He walks as if he always had, he is potty training himself - faster than we can, and he is desperate to speak and gets frustrated that he can't!

Life is moving fast and before we know it - it will be a new year.
Until then we will enjoy our favorite season of FALL.

We send our love and regard to you all -
you are not forgotten even in our silence!