Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Job, New Home, Early Christmas

Christmas arrived early this year for our family.
We had to make a special request to Santa to come early.
Several months ago, like many of the other thousands before us, and after us, we lost our job due to the economy's cut backs. Despite the ill timing (as I think it always is for anyone to lose a job)
We were not scared - we trusted in God to lead and guide us.
Lead and guide us he did - all the way to the other side of the continent.
So we have but a few weeks before we need to be moved.
So, that led us to ask Santa to come early since we would be in transit when the rest of the country was celebrating Christmas.
It began with an early visit to sit on his lap and discuss the desires of childhood.
 Kofi, our ever wise and practical child,
asked for socks, shoes, and just a few little toy people to play with his cars. 

Sufi, our more impetuous and fanciful child asked Santa for candy canes and green hotdogs.

 Although, he did recieve a couple of  toys, the grin of satisfaction only came out when he saw the candy cane in his stocking.

 Kofi was thoroughly pleased with his little people...and candy canes.

The biggest candy cane there ever was.
It will take months for these two to eat it.

Pabbi and Mamma are glad to have this part of Christmas over and have the space to focus on packing. However, on Christmas day we can fully devote the day to our Lord and Saviour...even in transit.

But no matter what and where we are this holiday season,

and a