Thursday, June 18, 2009

Radio Silence...

I wasn't sure what to title this post - so many came to mind:
We'll Be Back After These - Moves
Coming to the End of a New Era
Turning over a New leaf
Coming to the End of a Chapter
End of Times
Changing Paces
You get the point, right?
This blog is going on a silent retreat for some time.
For how long?
Who knows.
Is it because we are new parents and have no time?
Is it because we don't want to stay in touch with our fellow bloggers?
Is it because I have better things to do?
It is because our move has brought us into a whole new world -
well, actually it is an Old World.
We are living in a place where internet and other communications are limited.
We are living in the country far enough away from "Town," that modern technology and conveniences are limited. Even cell service is shoddy at best.
Living far from town will make running to the internet at the Public library a rare occasion. Impossible?
But time will be limited.
And it looks as if blogging will take a back seat to other things.
It makes me sad. I had wanted to share more of our experiences of coming home after our adoption. Of sharing the good and the difficult. I had hoped to stay in touch and learn as much as I could from those of you out there who have been my inspiration for so long. I had hoped our story would inspire someone else on their journey.
But the Lord has put us on this path - a very different path than we had planned on being. I am excited to look forward and see what I can learn.
We hope to find some way to get internet access so that maybe we can continue sharing, but there are no promises. We are taking things one step at a time.
So instead, for a little while at least, we are going to take the time to get back to basics:
basics of living life with little technology and lots of time for other things.
We are loving our new little cottage, with lots of land to run and play on,
(now if only the rain will let up).
Our house is cute, simplistic, and cozy.
Our neighbors are few and far.
Pabbi has a 10 minute walk to his new job, rather than a 30 minute drive one way.
Kofi will have trees to climb, and a pool to swim in!!! (How lucky are we!)
Sufi will be able to stretch his legs and curiosity without the fear of cars and public!
Mamma will have the pitch black nights with croaking frogs to soothe her to sleep after a long day in the fresh air and sun!
We love suburban life; but we are glad for the country living after the past six months of constant change and stress (maybe we should include the last 7 years of hard studying and constant moving).
How long we will live here, is not determined.
Maybe in three months you will here some peeping from us, and the possibility of another move (Mamma prays that this is NOT so).
Maybe it will be a year or so.
We will try to get to our emails once in awhile -to keep up communication the best we can.
I will try to post if time and space allow it - but don't bet on it.
Sign up to recieve emails (see sidebar ---->) when and if I post - that way you won't have to keep checking if I do or don't post. I'll also try to check in once in a while.
But until our circumstances change, just know you are in our hearts! We thank you for sharing our journey. Thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for being a part of our world!
So until later comes, farewell.
Below are some recent pictures of our two boys!

Sufi has learned to hush a crowd.

Sufi has graduated from riding backwards to riding forward in his car seat. This is a relief for all, as we do a LOT of driving. This also means he has finally put on enough poundage to make this change...barely - but enough!
He has also learned the signs to Eensy weensy spider...
While Pabbi and Mamma get ready he struts around in his Sunday suit
(minus the shirt that wrinkles easily - which we don't put on until last minute).

Here he is in his Sunday suit. Such a cutie!!!
Grandma made this suit for him.
This is our goofy Kofi.
His feet used to be as tough as leather. But since coming home, he has only wanted to wear shoes and his tough feet are softening and becoming sensitive - this makes more fun for tickling them!!!
He loves clowning around!!!

He is also very - Cool!
Striking a pose.
He is handsome in his Sunday Suit!!!

How cute is this kid. He just melts my heart!

Kofi can't wait until he too can graduate from a booster seat to nothing. He is quite the lightweight -so we will see.
The two boys - Kofi loves his picture taken, Sufi doesn't.
Signing off for now,
Hope to be back soon!