Monday, April 6, 2009

A Kofi Klip

Before leaving Ghana, Kofi's other caretakers wanted to give him a haircut. But due to time (or lack thereof) he came home with a headful of hair. Within a few days, and after some begging on his part, it was decided he needed a haircut.
Kofi's before shot!
The mid-cut shot!
After all the hair is gone -but what is that spotting his head? Some is dead skin -Most of it was dirt! And he had had several baths before this haircut. Even Mamma did a thorough scrubbing of his hair-but apparently not good enough! However, that was not even the biggest surprise. While picking up his clippings, I noticed one of his curls moving.
It was not a curl...
but a spider!!!!
His curls are so tight and woven that this spider had been making a nice home since Ghana.
Here is the handsome boy!
He is quite jubilant!!!
He likes to have his head shaved and clean!