Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ghana Get'Ya

Dear Family and Friends,
As you may already know, Mamma is now in Ghana.
She was supposed to keep us updated with pictures and news of all the children,
but is currently having some difficulty getting on the internet.
The difficulty consists of two main reasons;
first, electricity to power the computer
and second, internet access.
Well, what do you expect... this is Africa.
Anyway, after much pains-taking suffering,
she has been able to send some news and pictures.
They are of some of the other children there for adoption.
These are (starting from left to right)
Marion, Dorothy, Precious (smallest), Vida, and Elizabeth.
These three boys are Junior (front),
Abi (back), and Enyinda (middle).
Abi and Kobe are brothers and love Mamma to bits.
Junior looks as if he has just
solemnly sworn to be up to no good (don't you think).