Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home At Last

Dear Family and Friends,
I know this has been a long time in coming...
So we would like to announce we are
Home at Last and as one Big Family!!
We have doubled in size and boy is it great!!
I have tried over the past two months to get information out to all of you and every attempt was foiled at one point or another!
But we are home and settling in.
We will catch you up on the news and fun as best as we can, just remember we now have two children to chase after and so our plentiful computer time will be more limited.
Here we are at the Ghana airport waiting to board.
Both boys were looking out the window at the planes and loving it.
Such excitement!
On the plane waiting for take off!
One of these days we will fill you in on the adventures of getting to the airport. Both boys traveled really well!! Even sweet little Sufi only had two melt downs (change is more difficult for him). We had really worried he would cry the whole time (crying is his favorite activity) but he did AWESOME. We think he loved the feel of the plane and the noise!
Home at last and sort of rested.

We are in Mamma and Pabbi's room.
We just woke up and decided for a family picture! Kofi LOVES his new room and his bed!!!

Sufi is currently sharing the bed with Mamma and Pabbi (until we get some things straightened out). Here you see him in more of his natural state!!! He is such a Mamma's boy - and has wanted to be held the whole time we have been home.
Don't worry about his face. He has a heat rash that got out of control (his scratching at it has not helped). He has an appointment with our Doctor tommorrow so we hope to see his face clear and more at ease very soon!!!

We want to thank the director, Abraham, and L.M. who helped us build our family. They have spent SO much time and energy helping us bring our boys home. We seemed to hit every roadblock possible and thensome, and due to that, they put in overtime in helping us sort through the whole thing. We are ever grateful for the patience and never-ending support and encouragement. The work is hard and they were ever willing to do it when our strength was spent! We are forever grateful to you!!

We also want to send out a Thank You to everyone who has supported us and helped us bring our boys home. We know we would not have been able to do this without your help.

We also want to thank our dear friend, Kristin who decorated our home for the boys return and made things so nice to come home to!!

We love you and Thank you all!!!

We will be seeing more of each other!