Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pre-Ghana Panic

Last WEEK... we sent off for my visa.
What a nerve-racking moment that was -
who LIKES to depart from their PASSPORT?
But it was necassary.
Upon delivering it to the Postman I made sure to have my tracking numbers to track the package to New York and the number to track it on the way home.
We were notified it arrived in New York
Saturday -
and of course un-deliverable to the Consulate (non-working day).
Monday -
it was delivered at 2:11 pm.
It made it!!!
I expected to have it back in 24 hours.
That is what we paid for.
24 hours passed and my package was NOT even in transit.
I checked my Visa status -still not mailed.
I called Wednesday (yesterday) answer.
Pabbi calls -
they answer (he is quite the charmer...)
They don't know what he is talking about. They have no such package.
But it was delievered at 2:11 he insisted.
It was LOST!!!!!!!!
We expected lost, or misplaced, or ignored, or unexpected required docmuents
But not New York!!!
Panic ensued.

We tried to call the Post Office but after three times of getting nowhere, Pabbi calls back the Ghanaian Consulate and asks if there was a potential it was delivered to another office.
He spoke to a supervisor.
After an hour of panic they found it.
Delivered to another office and laid aside.
Today at 9:24 am it arrived at our Local Post Office.
Tonight WE rest easy as my passport and visa REST on our bed-
in plain sight!!!