Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Woman Inside (HOME)

Second Day at home:
I had been up all night with Sufi, who had been crying and screaming, and I was exhausted. Pabbi, the good hubsand that he is, took both boys downstairs to feed them and play with them. Yet, I kept hearing the cries and screams.
Then suddenly there was silence.
Just the soft tones of voices talking.
How had Pabbi managed to stop Sufi from crying.
I had to know.
I walked down the stairs and this is what greeted my eyes.
Pabbi was making sandwiches and Sufi was calm being carried in a way he is used to.
This is now a common sight around our house when Pabbi takes both children.
Ahhhhhh, the peace and quiet!
Now for an update on the adjustment of the boys.
Kofi is doing SO SO SO very well. He is stuck to Pabbi like glue. He loves his new home, his new room, and the way of life. He has jumped into helping around the house and being patient as we adjust to being parents. He has had a constant smile on his face. He still is trying to adjust to the sleeping schedule. He literally falls asleep about 4:30 -5:00pm everyday and then is up in the middle of the night. The food adjustment is going well, then again Pabbi and I are not pushing the vegetables yet.
Yesterday, we went to the store to buy some food. Amongst the purchases was broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, and celery. I was explaining to him that he would need to start eating these vegetables this week because they would make him healthy and strong. He immediately started pouting and protesting. I tried hard not to laugh at his pain. I calmed him down telling him we would just start off tasting them and finding ways to prepare them so that he would like them.
Sufi is having a much harder time taking to his new home. He is more clingy than ever. He is back to crying most of the time and not relaxing. I have been worried, and exhausted with this. It wasn't until yesterday when we went back to the Dr. for a check-up that I realized that this attitude may not be just adjustment issues- but rather that the meds he is on is adding to the anxiety.
Our second day home, we took Sufi to the Dr. to find out how to deal with sores on his face that were spreading down his arm and neck. In Ghana, we were told it was Heat Rash, but I had never seen it spread so fast and react so badly to creams and medications. So I worried it might be something else. The Dr. was a bit baffled and unsure what it was. He did not think it was heat rash and that is might actually be a staph infection. He referred us to the Dermatologist for a diagnosis. The dermatologist also was unsure what it was. He couldn't tell whether it was staph, a virus, or what? He boldly said that he was not up to date with skin issues in Ghana. They tried to take a sample from Sufi, who was not having any of that. So the Dr. gave us an antibiotic, anti-viral medication, and creams to help bring the infection down. I was warned that he might have to be committed to the hospital for 24 hour watch if this did not improve in three days.
Luckily for us, there has been no new outbreaks, and Sufi's face looks SO much better. It doesn't seem to itch and bother him like it was before. The color is back and he seems more content. Now I wait for when he is done with the meds and can have some space to calm down and adjust to his new life.
Until then, if you meet me in the street and I look dazed and frazzled, or you visit me and my home is in chaos, or you call me on the phone and I can't seem to pay attention, don't mind me, I think I will be better adjusted when the crying and screaming calms down!