Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Woman Inside (GHANA)

Pabbi and I had planned, for a long time, to take time while in Ghana to walk the Canopy Walk located in Kakum National Park. Despite the fact that we both have a fear of heights we decided we wanted to brave the walk.

In order to make the walk one of us had to carry Sufi on our back, we both thought Pabbi the better choice. Not because he is stronger, but because he is sure footed. Raised in Iceland, one has to be sure footed as you leap around amongst the lava rocks. There were several options on how to carry him, but Pabbi thought the Ghanaian woman's style of carrying babies was BEST.

Within minutes of joining the group we heard giggles from the women who observed Pabbi carrying Sufi Ghanaian style. I think he felt a bit of pride from not shying away from this task!

So we set out to across the high Canopy walks.
There were 7 swinging bridges total: 3 short and 4 long.

It is quite a view high up above the trees.

Scary and exhilarating all at the same time!

Sufi loved the walk. In fact, he kept reaching out and and grabbing the ropes. After the walk he was exhausted (being carried around takes alot of energy you know) and quickly fell asleep.
On the way down we passed a few classes of girls who giggled non-stop or who pointed and exclaimed "Oh!" when they saw Pabbi carrying Sufi Ghanaian style. I bet they don't usually see men doing this. I had a hard time not laughing at all the surprised responses when Pabbi passed them by!
At the beginning of our excursion there was a woman who giggled at Pabbi carrying Sufi (who by the way was not liking it because he was not with Mamma), but she was helpful in calming Sufi and encouraging all the way. Her name is Peace (I just love the Ghanaian names). She was just a delight to get to know. She was there with her mother and brother braving the canopy walk. At the end she asked us to remember her, which would be no problem for us!
She is a wonderful woman!
(L-R:Mamma, Pabbi, Peace, Saviour, Peace's Mother)