Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Something in the Mail.

Today I decided to walk out to our mailbox instead of wait for Pabbi to bring in the mail.
I just needed a break from working so I thought a few minutes won't hurt.
Guess what I found amidst our collection of mail?
This large envelope from the USCIS.

I could hardly contain myself, so I ran back to our place and ripped it open.

It was our APPROVAL of the I-600a!!!

The Government says we are approved to adopt two healthy boys up to the age of 7.

Hmmmm, wonder who that might mean!!!!
Just in case you forgot; or if you need to smile!!!
here are their Pictures again! :)

This note is for those wondering about time frames on the turn around for the I-600a (here in Utah).
Getting our approval today means our I-600a took 4 weeks to be processed before receiving our approval. We filed on the 21st of October -so it technically has been 4 weeks and One day.
That was with getting our fingerprints done the same day as filing it.
Another adoptive mother and I had wondered if it would make a difference if you were fingerprinted the same day (like us) or if you waited (like she had to). It seems to not matter. Hers took about 4 weeks. Ours took four weeks.
Hope that helps some of you!