Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Fire (National Adoption Month)

I am quickly finding out that adoption is very much like Family History & Genealogy.
Once the fire is lit, it becomes an all consuming presence in your life.
It permeates your life in so many ways, and the desire to spread this love, this passion, is almost unstoppable.
Now that we are adopting it seems everytime I turn around, I see so many children who need families, and so many couples who want children. If only we could bridge the gap. If only our hearts would open up to more possibilities.
Being infertile, I have met and know numerous couples who long to have children. Who would do just about anything to bring children into their lives. However, most see this vision in the form of a young baby - an infant, one who they can watch grow and thrive. I know this longing!
I know this hunger!
I know this desire!
Yet, now that I am involved in adopting - not infants - but young children (a one year old and a 6.6 yr. old) I realized the limits we set for ourselves that can be so confining.
Adopting an older child is something I had NEVER thought I would do at this early stage of our marital life. Previously, I had put a limit on what age I would be open to adopting.
But the Lord softened my heart and I became open to possiblities I never considered.
How grateful I am for that!!!
I was just talking to L.M. the other day and we were marveling at how many of us are adopting children who do not live up to our previously 'idealized' or 'limited' notions. Yet, none of us would change a thing. We quickly realized and know that the children we are adopting are OUR children and that they fit into our lives so well.
Only God could have known.
I was telling her that when we started looking into adopting, I insisted to Pabbi, that we should not adopt children over the age of 2 years old. No budging on that. Soon we felt we should stretch it to 2.5 years old. Then the final and absolute oldest child we would consider was NO older than 4 years old.
Now look at us, we are adopting a 6.5 year old, and I am so glad that my heart was softened and my options were opened. I think we would have missed out on a beautiful and wonderful miracle in our lives. In fact, the Lord knew what we needed. I know He knows what all His children need no matter their age or circumstance.
This month, I have been reading alot about the focus of National Adoption Month "Answering the Call - You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. There are thousands of teens in foster care who would love to put up with you."

This focus has really touched me.
A blog that I often stalk has posted several listings for different organizations that have photolistings of "waiting to be adopted" children, both nationally and internationally. My heart breaks for many of them. Most of these children have special needs (mild to severe) and are much older than most couples would adopt.
Yet, these children still need the same thing an infant does- A family. A place where they can feel secure and grow and thrive. These children have really touched my heart, and I do hope that when Sufi and Kofi are home and we are settled, that we will look again into adopting, and that our hearts will not be limited by age or need.
Of, course this blog posted again recently, a beautiful video set to the music of Steven Curtis Chapman's song "All I Really Want for Christmas."At first I wasn't paying attention to the lyrics, but when I did I had to find them and read through them. I then went and found the original music video. They are so beautiful and poignant, and I would encourage you to read them and watch the video (see below post).

Below are the links to several different adoption websites' photolistings (taken from Instantly Mama) that you might want to pray over.
Take time to look at the children who are waiting - especially with an open mind.
Maybe some of you who are not thinking of adoption, might start thinking about adopting. Maybe some of you who are looking to adopt but are only looking for infants, might change your mind and consider adopting older children -
Maybe your children are waiting for the mom and dad you are!
Please take time and pray for these children to find families
ask God if you are to be involved in anyway!

Children Here in the US:

In Other Countries:
For Basic Information

More great videos to see: