Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chapter Twenty-One: PRAYING for PASSPORTS

One of the big steps to bringing the boys home will be getting their Ghanaian Passports.
Lately there has been trouble getting passports for anyone in Ghana.
Some say it is due to passports that were stolen a few months back. (Check out this link for the stolen passport story: We have heard that although they recovered the stolen passports, that until the investigation is finished they won't be issuing anymore passports.
Some wonder if it is not due to upcoming elections and the impact it is having on government offices (slowing things down etc.).
We just know that passports are not being handed out. Only a few are being trickled through and there seems to be little rhyme or reason to it.Whatever the case is, we can't bring the boys home unless they get theirs. We are praying desperately that they will get them soon, and that there will be no hang ups or waiting until the passports come through. Maybe we are getting a little ahead of ourselves on this topic, due to the fact we still have not sent our dossier (we are in the process of putting it together) or even have gone to court. But for some reason this issue has been laying heavily upon our minds.
Your faith and prayers that the boys will get their passports soon would be much appreciated.
We love you boys!!!