Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chapter Three:The Orphanage

Like I mentioned before, the first time I called L.M.,
she had just recieved pictures from Shelley.
L.M. immediately popped some of these off to me,
while I was talking to her.
The rest she gradually sent.

But it was these first few pictures
that I just had to know about
the baby boy (Sufi).
He looked so familiar to me.
The rest of the photos
touched a soft spot in my heart.
I just have to share
Look at the conditions they are in,
yet, I have heard this orphanage is
much better off than many others.
Look at all the kids adorable!
In this photo Sufi looked so sad... but when I cropped and enlarged it,
not so sad...
just ever soooo cute!!
What big beautiful eyes.
The buildings look so in disrepair.
Yet, all these kids look so happy!
I wish I could bring them all home with me!
See Sufi in the attentive!
No words can express this picture!!
Wow! What a group of Happy faces!
The schoolroom,
again Sufi's in the back being held.

This school/orphanage caters to so many
children of all different ages!I think this is the director and his wife,
but I could be so wrong about who she is.
Look at the boys in the background!
Such a cute picture.
I don't know anything about it,
it was sent to me in the group of photos;
I couldn't not post it.
Such a beautiful baby.
The kids.
There you have it.