Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter Five: In Hospital

Thursday, we recieved a message from teh orphanage director,
that we should call him. So we called him.

The director let us know that little Sufi is in the hospital with a cough and fever.
He is not sure what he has, but he wanted to let us know as soon as possible. He said he would be visiting Sufi, Friday evening or Saturday at the hospital.

He then was going to get ahold of us in the next few days to let us know what Sufi had, and what needs to be done.

It was amazing how our parental instincts kicked in. We wished we could be near him, and hold him until he was better. We both are hoping it is nothing too serious, and merely a cold/flu that most children get. It is hard enough to not be there, but to know he is not up and about playing with the other children, is beyond words. We just know we are being challenged to have faith that the Lord is wathcing over our baby boy. We, just have to trust in that.

We are praying that he will soon be well and happy. We ask those of you watching this blog to please pray for Sufi, and that he will recover quickly.
Sufi, get better soon! We love you!