Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chapter Seven: Miracles

It seems every time we turn around another miracle has happened in this process of adopting Sufi.

The first post discussed several of them.
But one I had not written down, I would like to share.
(This story is related as it was told to me secondhand, and as I can remember the details.
So not all details are 100% accurate. But the fact of the timing is.)
One women (Shelley), who just went to Ghana and adopted two beautiful girls: Kekeli and Precious (ages 14 & 9), was key in a major miracle for us in finding Sufi.
In June, Shelley was supposed to fly out with her brother-in-law to Ghana, to adopt their girls from Hohoe Christian Orphans Home in the Volta Region. While she was going to be in Ghana, she planned to go to our orphanage for a day. The Director had been a key in helping her in her adoption process.

However, after the first leg of the trip, Shelley found herself at the New York airport. It was there that Shelley discovered that her visa for Ghana was not multi-entry as she had thought it was. This meant she could not continue on to Ghana. In tears and frustration, she had to say goodbye to her brother-in-law who went on without her to Ghana.

Frantic, Shelley called L.M. who helped her decide what to do next. She wasn't sure if she should return to Utah, to try and fix things, or if she was suppossed to do something else. Shelley was advised to go the the Embassy there in NY and see if they could work her visa issue out.
So she went, and they did. It all worked out for her to continue on to Ghana, just a day behind schedule. It was this day delay that allowed us to get our first glimpse of our son.

See, if Shelley had gone on the day she had originally planned (the day before this photo was taken), there would be no photos of Sufi. He had arrived just that morning of the day this photo was taken. That is why even the director did not know who this baby was, at first, or what the situation was. I consider this an incredible miracle.
Her delay and sorrow turned into our joy and blessing!
Shelley at the orphanage.
Thank you Shelley!
Thanks for the sacrifice you made and the photos you sent.
We thank God, for creating such miracles to bring families together. I am still amazed at how so many blessings come in such unexpected ways. We just know that there will be many more to bring our family together.