Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking Back - March 18th 2009 - Flying Home

March 18th, 2009 we began our adventure home to the U.S. Waiting in the Ghana Airport.

Sufi was thrilled to see the planes. He squealed in delight. I still can't beleive those sores on his face. He was quite the little trooper to fly for so long while suffering.

Kofi waiting patiently, anxiously, nervously, and excitedly for his first plane ride.

Settling in for the long flight. Kofi couldn't believe how big the plane was. We had described and prepared him the best we could - but nothing can take the place of seeing something for yourself.

Sufi eyeing the camera - he wanted to play.

Kofi feeling tired but to excited to sleep. He later did fall asleep and slept for most of the flight home.

We are on a truck being transported from the plane to the concourse. Sufi can't get enough of the planes.

Kofi a little wary but curious about the whole process.

Our first meal at home consisted of french fries and chicken nuggets. What better way to indoctrinate children into an american style of childhood.
This year, for our 1st "Gotcha" Anniversary we celebrated
with chicken nuggets and french fries
to recall our first american meal together.