Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking Back - First week at home

Our first week home we were busy trying to find a routine and adjust to being a family of four.

Kofi LOVED his bed.
He didn't have to share a room or a bed anymore.

Sufi was quite discontented.
He ended up in our bed for several weeks - he refused to sleep alone.
Poor guy - his face sores did not help. Sufi found comfort being on our backs.
Especially when food was being prepared.

Kofi loved going to the store and trying on some suits for church.

We love this face.
Awww... food = comfort

Sufi loved to cuddle up to mamma.
He hated being let go.This is pre-haircut for Kofi.
Sufi was happy to stand in the kitchen - with hope food was coming his way.
He also enjoyed watching Kofi get a haircut.
We could hardly believe all that was underneath that hair -
dirt and yes, a bug.

His hair in a bag for remembrance and a clean looking head.
He was happy for the cut.

Kofi's so glad when Pabbi comes home -
he jumps into his arms for joy!

While making dinner Sufi steals some food.Sufi after a bath.
He loves water and bathing.

Looking at these pictures sure bring back memories -
It also helps us to see how far we have come in a year.

There have been moments we weren't sure we could survive.
There were moments that brought tears to the boys' eyes and ours.
There were moments where we wept wishing things were better and more idyllic.
There were times we wondered what we should do.

But there were moments when we knew we couldn't survive without the boys.
There were moments where we all laughed until tears came flooding out.
There were times when little arms wrapped around our necks and we knew things couldn't get better than at that moment.
There were times we knew that we were doing exactly what we should.

We have healthy and happy children who are embracing life
we love embracing life with them.