Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chapter Twelve: Gifts for Samuel

Because L.M. is going to Ghana, we couldn't resist sending some things for Sufi. We wish it were us being sent to go be with him; but we will settle sending these few things.
This first idea was taken from another adoptive parent, who created and sent a book to their little girl.

A few sample pages:
He will have a home...
He will have a mamma and a Pabbi
That Love him.

He will have a Grandma Kay and a Grandpa Lynn
who love him very much.
He will have an Afi and an Amma in Iceland
that love him very much. We will be a happy family.
This is a dog and a baby cougar (BYU).

An adoptive mother gave us a great idea to get stuffed animals and sleep with them in our bed for a week or so, to pick up 'our scent' and then when Sufi plays with these, he can become familiar with how we smell. We had alot of fun sleeping with these two in our bed.

This is an outfit we hope that will fit.
We chose colors that we hoped would not look to dirty
after wearing and washing.Notice, the shorts are the same?
We only sent one pair of shorts and three shirts.
We do hope that the clothes fit, and when we pick Sufi up,
we will leave these outfits behind to be used by any other children who can fit into them.
We also sent a book. Isn't it so cute.
We hope L.M. and other children will be able to read this to Sufi.
We also sent a Poof ball for Sufi to play with.
We hope Sufi will love these and that he will enjoy sharing them with the other little children.
We can't wait for him to come home!

We Love You Sufi!