Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chapter Thirty-One: All Is Quiet....

A friend the other day commented, "It sure has been quiet on the blogs lately."
And it has been.
There just has been no news from the eastern front and that causes the western front to wait.
With the director of the orphanage out of the country (he was asked to speak at an international conference in Kenya, regarding issues for orphans) and elections, and the holidays not much has been moving -thereby not much for anyone to blog about.
I am going to be so relieved that the Ghanaian elections are over (they are happening today) because I think it has really affected the timeline of the process. And this year has been overlypacked with politics (this included our elections here in the states).
I also think I will be relieved when the holidays are over (no I am NOT a Grinch; holidays just cause delays - and I feel like our delays have been long enough.
In addition, I am also relieved to know the director is back at the orphanage (one week later than originally planned). Knowing he is there gives me a sense of peace.At this point there will be hardly any news until we hear of our court date!
We are praying that it will be soon!