Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chapter Ten: L.M. is going to Ghana

I am so excited:
L.M. is going to Ghana.
While she is there, L.M. is going to take our dear baby Sufi, strap him on her back (as the Ghanaian women do) and go around doing all that she needs to do.
She is going to find out what the orphanage needs, and how we can all help to improve the conditions for the children!!!!
She is also going to meet the team (Orphanage Director, the Social Worker,and now a Lawyer) who helps families adopt. Due to some changes in adoption proceedures on that end, interim adoptions seem to be more likely in the future. This means that we will need to use a lawyer after all to ensure we can get final adoptions there.
Also, it has been decided to take our adoption cases before the judge in the Central Region (where the orphanage is), instead of into Accra.
L.M. has felt that to better help us families to adopt, and to know what the school/orphanage needs, she should go and see for herself. It has been ten years since she has been in Ghana; although she has often wanted to go, the time didn't seem right. Now is the right time!!!
I am just mostly glad that she is going to be with our boy; she is a relative after all!!! We just found out that she and Fridrik are related. We felt from first meeting L.M. she was family. Now we know she is, albeit somewhat distant.
It brings tears to my eyes, knowing that "family" will be over there with our baby boy, taking care of him, playing with him, loving him, kissing him, and hugging him.
We send our love baby boy:
We love you with all our hearts!!